Cairo Association of Teachers - Newsletter

CAT Tracks for October 23, 2000

As most of you know, the Cobden Education Association went on strike Thursday, October 5th. The CAT sent a letter of support and a monetary donation last week...and it was appreciated. (See the back of this page for an IEA e-mail concerning Cobden and CEA's thank you note for our support.)

YOU know better than most the stress and hard work involved in fighting for what is right--and more importantly, RESPECT. You know the frustration and depression that builds as the other side won't listen...won't even talk.

THEREFORE, I would urge you to show your support in some a building group and/or as an individual. I'm not talking money...the CAT will send another check if necessary. But a card, poster...some tangible sign of support. You know personally what it meant to us as we struggled through November, December, and the holidays.

So put your creative juices into your support of the Cobden Education Association!

The address is:

Cobden Education Association
P.O. Box 388
Cobden, IL 62920