Cairo Association of Teachers - Newsletter

CAT Tracks for April 6, 2001


You may have noticed that two new vacancies were advertised in the last paycheck...namely, a 6th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher and a 7th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher. One of these vacancies is due to a resignation and the other is the result of the grievance filed by the Association at the end of last school year when the District refused to advertise two vacancies prior to the involuntary transfer of two bargaining unit members. In November, an arbitrator ordered the District to advertise all vacancies as they occur.

These two vacancy listings may be just the beginning...other resignations and retirements may cause a ripple effect as the District reorganizes to cut expenditures through attrition. YOU NEED TO WATCH THESE VACANCY LISTINGS! Section 3.4 of the Contractual Agreement states:

"Any qualified employee who received at least a satisfactory rating in his/her most recent evaluation may apply for transfer to an existing teaching vacancy as identified in Section 3.3 of this Agreement. Such application shall be in writing to the Superintendent and the building principal where the vacancy exists. If application is made at least 30 calendar days prior to the first day of a new school year, the voluntary transfer shall be granted..."

Your bargaining team fought hard for this language in order to give you a measure of control over your job assignment. If you wish to "escape" your current position, WATCH THE VACANCY LIST...hearing "rumors" of an involuntary transfer...WATCH THE VACANCY LIST...

NOTE: This language also allows you to change teaching assignments within a building...NOT just to move from one building to another. Don't like teaching 8th grade...choose 6th or 7th!


If you have not yet turned in the negotiations survey which was distributed on March 13th, PLEASE do so. For your convenience, I have attached another copy to this edition of CAT Tracks. Complete the form and give it to De De O'Shea, Ledora Beard, Deborah Hammel, or Ron Newell. We would like these forms BEFORE SPRING BREAK! So, PLEASE...fill one out...TODAY!