Cairo Association of Teachers - Newsletter

CAT Tracks for October 9, 2006

Don't know when, but sooner rather than later...

The "visitors" are the members of the Cairo Educational Support Committee...the group that has been charged with overseeing the compliance of Cairo School District Number One with the dictates and sanctions mandated by the federal No Child Left Behind Act and related state rules and regulations.

What should you do? Nothing...other than what you always do in preparation for your daily instruction. With all the hoops that you have already jumped through over the past few years, you are more than ready for this visit.

Also...I have been assured that this is "NOT ABOUT YOU"! The members of the committee are NOT coming to evaluate you. They simply want to do a "walk through" get first-hand knowledge of the educational "atmosphere" in CSD #1. They are here to help solve problems...NOT point fingers of blame.

But, as you would expect, their mandate requires them to make on-site collect impressions, information, and input. IF they come to your classroom, it will be a matter of minutes...not hours. that you know they are coming...PLEASE...don't bake a cake! THAT would get us in trouble with the "food police". Carrot and celery sticks might be okay...but, a smile and a friendly greeting is all that is necessary.

Okay...back to celebrating Columbus Day!