Cairo Association of Teachers - Newsletter

CAT Tracks for December 18, 2006

Oops...just received a CORRECTION to earlier information about the direct deposit of your IEA Credit Union deducton.

According to the District's payroll department, an individual can only use direct deposit for the IEA CU if he/she also does direct deposit of his/her regular paycheck.

Evidently, they worked on Saturday doing some work in preparation for the transition...and discovered that, contrary to their initial belief/advice, direct deposit of IEA CU deduction can only be made if the employee has also elected to have his/her regular paycheck direct deposited. In short, it's a BOTH or NEITHER situation.

So...decisions, desions! have until January 5th to notify the Central Office that you want direct deposit of your IEA CU deduction. If you don't do anything...things will remain unchanged.

(The payroll department is sending out notices to individuals who have previously notified them that they wanted "regular check in hand" and direct deposit of IEA CU deduction.)