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CAT Tracks for February 25, 2007

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Cairo mourns sudden death of popular cheerleader


CAIRO - George Moss remembers a daughter full of promise, with dreams nearly as large as her sweet and loving nature. The loss of that promise, those dreams and that nature is being felt today in Cairo, as family and friends mourn the death of Kanidryana Moss, who is dead at 16.

Moss, a junior at Cairo's high school, died Friday afternoon.

"We don't really know yet what happened, but she started wheezing and all of a sudden, her heart just stopped," said her father. "They think it was an asthma attack. She'd had asthma since she was a little girl. Her mother, Kathy, passed away from the very same thing when she was 38."

Moss said he is still trying to come to grips with his daughter's death.

"She was really smart - an A-1 student. She never gave me any trouble. I wish everyone could have a daughter like her," he said. "She was excited about the future, too. She had always wanted to go to Purdue (University) and she just got a card last week inviting her to come and visit campus."

Moss was a popular cheerleader at the school who loved movies, football, basketball and all things Mickey Mouse, her father said.

"She loved Mickey. She had a spread, stuffed animals, everything Mickey," he said. "It got to where whenever I went anywhere I had to bring something Mickey back to her."

Moss "got along with just about everybody," said Zena Madison, the school's cheerleading coach who also taught Moss in third grade. "She was funny, smart, sweet, kind - just a good, all-around person. This has been devastating to me and a lot of other people."

Madison said her cheerleading squad learned of Moss' death just a few hours before the Cairo Pilots took to the basketball court in the regional final Friday night.

"They took it pretty hard and so did a lot of the players. Some cried, some were in a state of shock. They had a hard time cheering," she said. "Before the game, we went into the locker room and prayed. I know it was tough to cheer, and for the ballplayers, I know it was tough to play."

Madison said she and the cheerleaders are planning to honor Moss with a memorial at the school.

"We'd like to retire her uniform," Madison said. "We would like to put her uniform, a photo of her and something for everyone to sign, in a trophy case at the school. We want to put her pompons in there, too."

In addition to her father, Moss is survived by two sisters, Kelly and Nicole, and one brother, Kevin Moore. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. Arrangements are being handled by Heavenly Gates Funeral Home in Cairo.