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CAT Tracks for May 7, 2007

...from Dongola?

From the KFVS TV Channel 12 website...

Students disciplined for sexual Myspace activity

By: Carly O'keefe

DONGOLA, Il. --Six Dongola 7th graders are in trouble after posting obscene video on Myspace. The youths made a video in class revealing a boy's genitalia and girl's body parts. It has shocked parents and administrators--and has folks fearing who else may have watched or even downloaded the video.

"I hadn't even been on Myspace. I had to have help getting there," said Dongola Schools Superintendent Nancy Dillow.

Once Dillow found the video clip, she couldn't believe what she saw.

"I was shocked. It was taken in a classroom, not in a location where there's low traffic. It was in a classroom, and we're going to look into that further," said Dillow.

Greg Samples has a 7th grade son who was in the classroom when the video was shot. He wasn't involved in any way, but Samples says he has concerns as to how a substitute teacher didn't notice anything going on.

"The kids were being kids, playing pranks. It's how they were allowed the chance to do it; that falls on the adults, not the kids," said Samples.

Parents and administrators also worry what else is posted on the web, and know they may never find out.

"Adults have a lot of catching up to do. Kids are just so advanced," said Samples.

While the students are in trouble in terms of disciplinary action now, administrators also want to have a talk with the kids to keep them out of trouble on the internet in the future.

"We are going to meet with the students, seventh and eighth graders, and maybe do a bit of talking about what the web really is. You're not just putting things up there for your friends to see, you're putting it up there for anybody to see, and in this day in age, that's an invitation for trouble," said Dillow.

The six students were given anywhere from after-school detentions to five days suspension, depending on how involved they were in making and posting the obscene video on Myspace.