Cairo Association of Teachers - Newsletter

CAT Tracks for July 18, 2006

Received the following e-mail from Kenny Johnson, our insurance broker. As most of you will recall, when we switched from BCBS to Principal, each member had to "prove" to Principal how much of their deductible had been met under BCBS...which they then honored.'s that time again.

We are six weeks into the new health insurance plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois and members should start seeing claims soon (perhaps they have already).

To that end, I ask that you would remind the members, via CAT Tracks, to contact Principal to get confirmation of their deductible that they satisfied in calendar year 2006 (From Jan 1st-May 30th, 2006). You all will need this information to provide to BCBSIL so that credit can be given towards satisfying the deductible with the new plan.

Some members may already have an Explanation of Benefit(s) (EOB) that confirms this information. Others may be comfortable going on the Principal website (they must be registered to access this information) to print this information. In any regard, this information is very important.

If any of you receive an EOB from BCBSIL and they applied all of the charges (or even a portion) to the deductible, the claim can very easily be re-filed so that proper credit can be given for prior satisfaction of deductible.

As always, I encourage all of you to feel comfortable contacting me if you have any questions whatsoever or would like my assistance.

I thank you in advance.


Kenny Johnson

V. Kenneth Johnson
New York Life Insurance Company
St Louis General Office
Fax: 618.624.8352