Cairo Association of Teachers - Newsletter

CAT Tracks for September 30, 2006

Actually, the new membership cards arrived "at CAT headquarters"...on Friday afternoon. They will be distributed ASAP.

A word to "newbies"...your completed membership form has been submitted to the IEA, but they aren't THAT fast. Hopefully, you will receive your membership cards in the near future.

A "money-saving" flyer has been duplicated below for your review. You will receive a hard copy with your membership card. Hey...if you are a "coupon clipper", you can get back some (or all) of the admission price - i.e. your membership dues. Go for it!

From the IEA Insider...

Membership Cards Are in the Mail

Membership cards are being mailed to local presidents for distribution to members (retiree and student cards are mailed directly). Be sure to activate your card to be eligible for an accommodations package giveaway Feb. 1, 2007. Use your membership card to save $$ through the Access Development Program.

Just log on to the IEA Web site, click on the membership card, enter your 10-digit membership ID number and click "go." You will be linked to the Access Web site, where you can view the 100,000 + participating merchants. Enter your zip code to see bargains in your area, or enter a zip code where you will be traveling to see what's available there.

If you are unable to log on using your membership ID number, call Linda Rice at 800/252-8076.