CAT Tracks for November 28, 2010

Looking back at the 2009-2010 School Year - aka Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 - in Cairo, Egyptian, Meridian, and Century.

As is indicated in the fine print of the "exhibits" provided in this posting, every public school district in Illinois is required to prepare an "Annual Statement of Affairs Summary", make it available for public inspection in the district administrative office by December 1st, and publish it in the local newspaper.

During the past two weeks, The Cairo Citizen has provided this service.

CAT Tracks Editor's Note:

I interrupt this posting to bring you this earth-shattering bulletin...

Folks, there are heathens out there!!!

People actually exist who do NOT believe in "The Bible"...who do NOT believe "the word" as presented in CAT Tracks.

I have seen with mine own eyes. BLASPHEMY! People have written online that they take CAT Tracks with a grain, yea, a pillar of salt!


It is for this reason - for all those Doubting Thomases out there - that, whenever possible, I present PROOF...hard evidence to support my assertions. Anyone who gets The Cairo Citizen can bear witness...AMEN!

Don't get The Cairo Citizen or have since discarded it? I'm sure copies are still available at their office (newly located behind the Cairo Post Office, next to the VNA Office, where the Cairo Social Security office used to be...aka 231-16th Street.) Or...hop on over to the school district administrative office nearest you! (The old "Junior High Building" in Cairo.)

For All Ye Faithful...

Everything you need shall be provided in this posting.


I have not forgotten my roots. I too was once afflicted with a "dial up" Internet connection. As this posting has twelve (12) exhibits - three per school district - I have deigned, through the miracle of hyperlinks, to make your viewing less stressful.


I do have a "homework assignment" for you. Call it guided "Bible Study" if you will.

Instead of my usual highly sophisticated, highly entertaining "Catty Rant" - which the "heathen voyeurs" to CAT Tracks surely dismiss out of hand - I am going to relinquish my position as "Sage on the Stage" and be a good "Guide on the Side" and pose questions concerning the "exhibits" and allow YOU, Dear Reader, to ferret out the answers for experience your own "Ah Ha, Eureka" moments. This "hands on" ("mind on?") learning shall surely leave an everlasting impression...


(After answering the questions, use the "BACK" button on your browser to return to this page.)