CAT Tracks for October 17, 2012

The slippery slope...

Pushing charter schools and private schools, allowing the rich and the white to escape the poor and "the other", was a least subtle.

The latest moves by the States of Virginia and Florida...

...not so much.

You may have heard the stereotype that Asian kids are smarter than everybody else?

Well, now it's official!

In, Florida, you can now look at a chart and see exactly how much smarter:

If you are of mixed race, you're not sure exactly what might be "expected" of you?

Have some Asian kid do the math for you!

Since I am a member of the runner-up category of smartness, let me venture an unconfirmed example:

    Lets say yo mama is white and baby daddy is black...

      I mean, HEY! If we are going to get into the race thing, let's jump in with two big feet! A white man-black woman couple may still raise eyebrows, but it simply doesn't have the same shock value as a big ol' black man...and a WHITE WOMAN!!!

      Damn just proofed that last paragraph. Hope I didn't offend gays and lesbians with the man-woman thing...although ya gotta love the irony of a liberal Democrat appealing to the "Christian" coalition types! However, upon further review...a white and black male pairing and/or a black and white male pairing, damned if I can see the difference! Same with the "ladies". (That last comment was a shout out to Todd Akin...who always has his eye out for ladylike behavior!)

    Anyway, back to my example:

    If a child has one white parent and one black parent, the "expectation" that that child can read on grade level is 81%. The "expectation" that the child can do math on grade level...80%.



Whites, Hispanics, and Blacks...

...if you have been scouring the Internet, looking for singles in your area... your future kids a favor. Focus on Asian singles only!

Former President George W. Bush created a false premise and accused teachers of being closet racists with his allegation of "the soft bigotry of low expectations." The man who brought you the now-acknowledged dumbest education law ever - No Child Left Behind - proclaimed that the "achievement gap" existed because teachers expected less out of their minority students than their white students.

Now Florida (home of brother Jeb) makes it official...

We should expect 90% of Asian students to read on grade level. Black folk? Nah...only 74% of "those people" should be expected to do such a mentally challenging activity.

Well intentioned?

I dunno.

Recognizing and dealing with reality?

I dunno.

Fraught with peril?

Damn straight!

From the Huffington Post

Florida Adopts Academic Achievement Standards Based On Race, Ethnicity, Echoes Virginia