CAT Tracks for February 21, 2013

CAT Tracks Editor's Note:

This arthritic retiree decided to remain in the cozy comfort of the cat cave on an icy night when the agenda failed to stir any feelings of curiosity.

Therefore, there will be no minutes, even of an abbreviated nature.


The Cairo School District website has begun posting the official school board minutes.

The only problem... will have to curb your curiosity and be patient!

For instance, the most recent set of minutes posted is the Special Meeting of December 10, 2012.

An example to explain the delay:

Take tonight's meeting. The minutes for the February 21st meeting will be typed for presentation, review, possible correction, and approval at the BOE's next regular meeting...March 21st. Only after that date could the minutes be posted.

In reality, it may take longer...

Back-tracking, the Regular BOE Meeting for December was rescheduled due to the holidays and held on December 13th. Those minutes were presented and approved at the Regular BOE Meeting on January 17th. Yet, another month has passed (over two months in all) and those minutes have yet to be posted.

But, as they say...

...better late than never!