CAT Tracks for July 28, 2012

The CSD #1 James Gibson war chest was good to the last drop!


Hopefully, in the seemingly unending drip, drip, drip saga, this was it!

May Robbins et al discover Starbucks...

For sure, with a total take of almost a quarter of a million dollars, the merry band of robbers can certainly afford to drink lattes to their heartless content.

Or, on these sweltering summer days, perhaps an eye-opening Iced Quad Venti Mocha...don't spare the whip! (Sparing the whip would assuredly spoil the CSD #1 employee.)

Or, if Starbucks is too pedestrian for their golden palates, "The Help" would be quite happy to serve up some Kopi Luwak, which goes especially well with chocolate pie!