CAT Tracks for October 14, 2017

With apologies to The Beatles:

From CAT Tracks

Negotiations Update


And if you were wondering, we did not go through the whole year without a new agreement.

On April Fool's Day (no joke) of 1998, a new contract was ratified, and we lived happily ever after...

...until all hell broke loose in 2001-2002.

For that bedtime story, well, you'll just have to wait for the next 20th anniversary celebation...

...or check out the CAT Tracks Preserving History Project, specifically the 17 Days That Will Live in Infamy link.

As the history project's borrowed subtitle indicates, the CAT Tracks archives contain accounts of:

"The Best of Times...The Worst of Times"

Well, the negotiations/strike of 2001-2002 was definitely one of "the times that tried CAT's souls"...

...but by staying unified, maybe spending one of those "9 lives", CAT landed on its feet.

Solidarity forever!