CAT Tracks for October 6, 2017

...and the Cape Girardeau murals.

As they say: "You need to get out more."

Well, yesterday, the replicas of two of the ships used by Columbus in 1492 to sail the ocean blue lured me to downtown Cape, more specifically the riverfront.

Who knew?

Well, actually, probably all y'all.

First of all, a few pictures of the objects of my attraction:

That's as close as I got, I did not walk the gangplank.

Hey, getting out was enough for one day...

..."baby steps."

Don't expect me to join school tours, mingle with students. Yes, it's been almost a decade since I retired, but it's still too soon for that.

And, as you saw in the final picture, they had people packed into those tiny ships like sardines, waaaaaaay too much for an avowed hermit!

However, the walk to and from the ships was delightful.

The last time I was in downtown Cape, over a decade ago, I only saw the north end of the levee wall, the murals dedicated to famous Missourians. In fact, I think even it may have been a work in progress.

Well, OMG.

Above is only one of a multitude of informational signs that line the levee wall, explaining the origin of one extensive section of paintings.

As an old history teacher, maybe I had my fill of history, but historical stuff just isn't my thing. When my wife and I went to Hawaii and took in the Arizona memorial, Julie went from section to section reading all of the displays as any good tourist would. Me? I located the best vantage point to look upon the island, the ocean and waited for her to finish.

But, yesterday, the Cape Girardeau levee wall "spoke to me".

And, after talking to my more worldly friends post visit, telling them of my "discovery", they informed me that the Paducah downtown/riverfront has a story to tell also.

Sooooo... y'all "drop by" the Annual Teachers Institute today and get FIRED UP!, I may venture to God's country and check out another levee wall.

Then, again, maybe I should save that for next year...

...or the roaring 2020s!

I've already penciled in the wall down Mexico way for the 2030s! I've heard that it's going to be HUGE, bigger than the Great Wall of China, a BEAUTIFUL wall! To miss seeing it would be SO SAD!!!

Postscript: The Columbus ship replicas will be at the Cape Girardeau riverfront through October 8th if you are of a mind to see them.