CAT Tracks for February 11, 2018

Takes some cheap shots at Cairo...

From The Southern Illinoisan

Chris Kennedy says he is best choice for Illinois governor

CAT Tracks Editor's Note:

Chris Kennedy disavows John and Bobby, instead aligning himself with Teddy...

...who was the driving force behind the disruptive "education reform" known as No Child Left Behind, which still haunts public education in the United States. So, count me skeptical of his education views.

Then, on the local level, singling out Cairo School District Number One for criticism when he's never once stepped foot inside its doors...

...having the damn gall to blame Cairo's problems on its education system?

Well, that made it effing personal!

So, Chris, the observation you made about your visit to 'The Confluence':

Not to worry...

...'cause for me, you done crawled out on a limb and sawed it right off!

I can see clearly now... ain't my candidate for Governor.