CAT Tracks for May 2, 2018

A case of "be careful what you ask for"?

From WSIL TV Channel 3

Bill to raise teachers' salaries not good news to all educators

CAT Tracks Editor's Note:

A $40,000 minimum salary? My first impulse was to laugh out loud...

...until I remembered (I remembered!, hey, it's gonna be one of my good days!) I remembered walking into the teachers' lounge in the old Cairo High School building (actually it was the men's lounge, since back in the day the separate, but equal women's lounge was upstairs.)

Anyway, when I wandered into the lounge, I saw a notice on the bulletin board that the Illinois Education Association was proposing that the starting salary for a teacher should be $10,000. Ha, ridiculous, dream on folks!

Of course, that was when the minimum wage for Illinois teachers was $4,600 and as a second-year teacher I was making $4,800. Double my salary? Well, hell yeah, bring it on, but excuse me if I don't hold my breath!

So, $40,000?

May the force be with you!

Comparing your working conditions today with my working conditions in 1970, you deserve every penny and more!!!