CAT Tracks for September 14, 2018

From WSIL TV Channel 3

Illinois State Board of Education proposal to fix teacher shortage

CAT Tracks Editor's Note:

Ya know, I've been out of teaching for a decade now, so I can't really speak to the current "crisis", but...

ISBE is treating a symptom when it needs to take a step back and find out (admit!) what really ails education in Illinois. Making it easier to become a teacher is just going to create then next crisis...

...lots of unprepared, incompetent teachers in the classroom.

Oh, well, Tony and the ISBE can always convene another meeting, draw up another list of bullet points, and pat each other on the backs for a job well done.

Maybe when every classroom in Illinois has a warm body at the front (or guiding from the side, iPad in hand?) with the label 'Teacher' attached, they will proudly boast:

"Mission Accomplished!"