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Okay, I've been accused of editorializing...

Guilty as charged!

But, hey, that what editors do.

However, I DO believe in separating facts from opinions...and try to adhere to that practice.

Going a step further, I have TOTALLY refrained from editorializing on the "City of Cairo" page...there is already enough emotion "out there"...the situation doesn't need my "two cents".


You knew the "but" was coming didn't you!

The lead article in the September 25th edition of The Cairo Citizen blatantly violates the underlying principle of objective, responsible journalism...of separating "fact" and "opinion". The opening two paragraphs (at least) of the article below are "over the top"...clearly the "opinion" of the writer of the article...not the "fact" of the ruling. Those two paragraphs cast doubt on the remainder of the article...which are "quotes from the decision" or at least objective paraphrases...and which are further "opinion" of the writer.

In short, this article, instead of reporting a court ruling and informing a divided community of a proper "final ruling" so that the parties could put the past behind and move on, instead takes a "rubbing it in" tone...a "nah, nah, nah, nah, nah" position.

IN MY OPINION...The Cairo Citizen did itself and the community a disservice in its presentation of the ruling.

That said, below is the article...

From the September 25, 2008, edition of The Cairo Citizen