CAT Tracks for August 25, 2012

At 4:30 p.m. on Friday, this crane was still chomping away at the old Rhodes Burford store...

Meanwhile, across the street from the Nu Diner...

...another crane was chowing down on the remains of the Relax Inn.

Like many a human, this crane's sweet tooth would not be denied... it obviously took time to sample the dessert plate:


Work continued at the other two sites featured in yesterday's post. All that remains of the two-story yellow house is a hole ready for fill. Most of the brick and concrete remains of the old Hong Kong/Harpers Restaurant have been hauled away and the surface is being prepared for a final layer of dirt.

Throughout Cairo, other cranes are working diligently toward the stated goal of 50 abandoned properties to be demolished and removed by the end of October.


I have renewed hope...

...that my "boulder" plan for fixing the street in front of Cairo Public Utility may yet be realized!

Yes, my heart did fall as I watched the Roslyn Plug reduced to The Rockettes.

However, after another week of work at the site, "The Rockettes" seem to have actually gained weight. There are a large number of not-to-be-sneezed-at "plugs"...just lying there. The cranes and trucks have disappeared.

I am left to wonder...

Maybe the original plug was too large to transport. Maybe they had to break it up into manageable pieces. Maybe these mini-boulders will yet be used to finally satiate the "black hole" the lives and breathes and eats on Commercial Avenue between 11th and 12th Streets.

I mean...

Drop the mini-plugs into the hole, add a load or two of concrete to bind, and top off with a layer of gravel. Let it bake for a year and hope it doesn't fall. If successful, come back next summer and add a layer of asphalt icing!

It's a plan...

...a piece of cake!