CAT Tracks for December 2, 2013


I don't know if was my oversight, a publication oversight, or a tardy submission, but...

...information about Century is not included below.

The Egyptian "Annual Statement of Affairs" was published twice in the same paper. (Maybe one of them was suppose to be Century; maybe it will appear this week. If so, I shall scan and post. If not, well, so be it.)


The Cairo "Statement of Affairs" was published twice in separate papers. However, the first publication turned out to be incomplete, leaving out the non-certificated personnel, along with the Superintendent.

That's why that posting looks "pieced together".

Looking back at the 2012-2013 School Year - aka Fiscal Year 2013 (FY13) - in Cairo, Egyptian, Meridian, and Century*.

As is indicated in the fine print of the "exhibits" provided below, every public school district in Illinois is required to prepare an "Annual Statement of Affairs Summary", make it available for public inspection in the district administrative office by December 1st, and publish it in the local newspaper.

During the past three weeks, The Cairo Citizen and Monday's Pub have provided this service.

If it's controversy and catty commentary you want, then venture to the archives for a replay of the corresponding editions from previous years. For your viewing convenience, I have provided links to the most recent:

Immediately below are the links to the FY 2013 financial information provided by Cairo, Egyptian, Meridian, and Century*:

Did you find anything interesting? Anything good? If so, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE...let me know!

The bottom line for local school district finances:

Cairo easily retains its #1 status as the area school district with the most money in the bank:

If you do the math...

Cairo has more money in the bank than Egyptian, Meridian, and Century* combined!!!

Almost $4 million more than Egyptian and Meridian...COMBINED!!!

So, if (WHEN!) District officials resume their mantra of BROKE, BROKE, BROKE!...

...follow the money!


STOP with the Chicken Little routine, already!

*See Disclaimer about Century.

CAT Tracks Editor's Note:

If you expected "Catty Commentary"...

Evidently the lack of money is not why Cairo School District Number One WILL NOT NEGOTIATE with its certified staff...aka CATs.

You saw that in the November Regular BOE Meeting that non-certs - both union and non-union - were given raises for the past two fiscal years. (They were given a 2% raise in the year before that.)


They had the nerve to "just say no" when the BOE negotiating team demanded that teachers give back hard fought language protections...

...with no assurance of any money to pay for that sacrifice!


...the BOE team insisted that all language items be settled BEFORE there would be any salary discussions. Superintendent HWSRN would not even guarantee that teachers would get their annual step increases.

Needless to say, the CAT team declined to participate in negotiating with itself. Since an agreed upon break from "negotiations", the BOE has not changed its position. CAT has asked repeatedly to resume the process, but the BOE has refused to even "ratify" what has already "make official" the reality of the past two years...

...don't even think about laying your fuzzy paws on our golden eggs!

That is why teachers are still being paid - AND PROTECTED - under the terms of the 2008-2011 contract.

The BOE would rather stockpile and polish its golden eggs than pay the people who teach the children.